Let’s build a relevant internet

Pindula is a place to find information about local things. We do it a lot like Wikipedia, except everything here is hyper-local. In fact, we forked Wikipedia to pursue an alternative path where locals contribute to local information.

It is local in the information itself, but also in who contributes to it and how we deliver it - mobile first and as little data as possible.

Why we created Pindula

We needed it. Before we started Pindula, we were part of one of Africa’s top tech publications called Techzim.

The writing required research on local things to help connect the dots on stories. It was frustrating how starved of locally relevant information the internet is, especially for African countries. The little information available is written by people that don’t live in the places they write about.

We suspected we were not the only ones frustrated with this. 3 years after starting Pindula, it has become the primary source of information about local stuff not just for us but for other content creators, college students, researchers, journalists, investors & business people.

Build local knowledge with us

There are many ways to get involved with this effort

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Are you non-profit?
No. We are a commercial company. We believe profit is a great thing and that it enables us to grow & pursue the things we care about, such as Pindula.

What’s your business model?
Currently, that’s ads and connecting our audience to local products they like to buy online.

Are you hiring
We always are. Talent, Drive & Caring about what we do. We need developers and content creators. If you think you’re a great fit, please reach us on hello@pindula.com. We usually hire from our existing community (WhatsApp groups, contributors etc…)