Albert Nyathi is a Zimbabwean poet who is particularly famous for the poem and song Senzeni Na? which he composed following the assassination of Chris Hani.

Albert Nyathi
Albert Nyathi
Born November 15, 1962
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Poet
  • Musician.



He was born on November 15, 1962 at Kafusi in Gwanda District in Matabeleland South. He is married to Caroline the couple have 3 children

Educational background

Albert Nyathi studied for bachelor of arts degree from the University of Zimbabwe

Praise Poetry career

Albert Nyathi started praise poetry at a young age where he would sing praise poetry while herding cattle. His interest in poetry deepened at Msitheli [Secondary School] and Matopo [High School] then to the University of Zimbabwe.[1]

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Philanthropic Work

Albert Nyathi coordinated an event in which they donated textbooks to several schools in the Gwanda district area. The donation came as a result of the poor results that the schools had recorded with some schools recording as low as 0% pass rate. The schools that benefited from the donation were Kafusi and Madume Secondary schools while primary schools that benefited were Takaliawa, Makwoke, Zelezele, Mapate and Cobone.[2]


Nyathi was once quoted saying that at one point he used to be an illegal border jumper crossing into Botswana.[3]

Awards and Major Perfomances

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