Arnold Soko is an award winning Zimbabwean video director and editor. He has produced music videos for the likes of US based Sukiyaki.

Arnold Soko
Arnold Soko
Born Arnold Soko
September 19, 1988
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Lomagundi College, Full Sail University
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Relatives Arnold Soko, Prince Soko



Arnold was born on 31 August 1987. He also brother to award winning producer, Brian Soko.

Educational Background

He attended Lomagundi College in Chinhoyi. Arnold Soko attained a Film Degree at Full Sail University (Orlando, Florida) in the United States of America. Soko also attained a Bachelor of Applied Science in TV and Film production.[1]


Arnold Soko together with hs brothers established Anashe Media Group[2] which specialises in marketing and production of music by African artists. The company also has a branch in Nigeria. He has directed music videos for top artists such as Mike Jones, Nigerian Artist Sukiyaki for Channel and Jay Sleek in LA.[1]

Videos Produced by Arnold Soko

Sukiyaki ft Tatsi

Shey you know



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