Artwell Mukandi
Artwell Mukandi, Dynamos Football Club
Image Via The Herald
Born Artwell Mukandi
September 19, 1988
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Footballer
Employer Dynamos Football Club

Artwell Mukandi is a a former Zimbabwean footballer who once played for Kiglon Bird, Monomotopa Football Club and Dynamos Football Club as a goalkeeper. He announced his retirement at age 27, in August 2017, after his two-year contract at Mozambican Club, Desportiva Muculmama De Maputo , expired.



Artwell was born on 7 October 1989.[1]


He joined Dynamos Football Club from Monomotapa Football Club together with talented former Dembare midfielder, Russel Madamombe. Mukandi rose to prominence following the departure of George Chigova.


Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League Winners medal x2

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Former Dynamos goalkeeper Artwell Mukandi retires from football, at 27 Tue Aug 15 2017

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