Reverend Aspher Madziyire is a Zimbabwean religious figure who is president of Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM) and also pastor at A.F.M Grace Centre in Bulawayo.

Aspher Madzyire
Dr Madziyire, Aspher Madziyire, AFM in Zimbabwe
Aspher Madziyire
Church Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe
Archdiocese Bulawayo
Personal details
Nationality Zimbabwean
Denomination Christian
Residence Zimbabwe
Spouse Josephine Madziyire
Children Joseph Madziyire
Occupation Church Leader


Reverend Madziyire is father to Joseph Madziyire, co-founder of ZimPraise Choir, a Zimbabwean gospel music group. He is married to Josephine.[1] He was born in 1954.[2]


Madziyire was elected President of AFM in Zimbabwe in 2012. In line with the constitution, elections where held after 3 years in 2015 and Madziyire was re-elected president. Whilst in the ministry, Madziyire preached to different churches locally and abroad in countries such as South Africa and UK. Whist he was pastoring in Bulawayo, Madziyire is said to have worked with Emmanuel Makandiwa, leader of the United Family Interdenominational Church. Makandiwa was then a junior assistant pastor to Madziyire.[3]

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