Axcil Jefferies
Axcil Jefferies, Formula Two Racing Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe's Racing Icon
Image Via Young Zimbabwe
Born Axcil Ramar Jefferies
April 14, 1994
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Motor Racing
Years active 2009 to Present
Known for Winning the MSA scholarship and appointed as MSA Academy Driver
Parent(s) Sahil Jeffries Father and Jolyn Jeffries Mother

Axcil Jefferies is a Zimbabwean born Formula Two racing sensation based in the United Arab Emirates. Jefferies claim to fame was around 2009 when he became the first Zimbabwe to take part in Formula Two Racing where he became an instant hit following impressive performances.



He was born on the 14th of April 1994.[1]


Jefferies attended Hellenic College before moving to Loughborough College where he completed an apprenticeship in advanced Sporting Excellence between 2010 and 2011. He furthered his studies with a degree in Sports Science & Performance, Business Administration.[2]


In the year 2009, Jefferies wrote his own piece of history when he was selected by Bavaria Motor Works (BMW) for its Formula BMW Asia Pacific cadetship program.[3] Although much of his career he has struggled to gather the much-needed funding to make it to Formula one, that has not stopped him from impressing everytime he takes to the racing field.[4] In 2014, Jeffries went on to compete and managed to finish fourth despite having missed ten races and not practiced. One of his career highlights includes becoming the first Zimbabwean and only African to participate in the GP2 in Bahrain[5] and managing eight top ten finishes in the 2012 season. Axcil is also a four-time karting champion.

He has been brand for the following companies, TOYOTA, CASTROL, BMW, PUMA, UVEX and AFRI HYPE.[2]

Currently Jefferies is occupying the role of a Senior Race Driver Instructor at Yas Marina Circuit. Whilst carrying out his instructing, along with various events for the worlds leading car manufacturers, Axcil is planning to compete in the GP2 series once again in 2016.


Jefferies is 7 time champion who has been on the podium 52 times, has 22 pole positions and 31 victories.

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