Baba Tencen is a Zimbabwean comedian based in South Africa. He is known for the catchphrase Ungandini.

Baba Tencen
Born Pepukai Zvemhari
  • Comedian
Known for Being an online comedian


He was born Pepukai Zvemhari.[1]


He said he started off as a garden boy and because of his educational credentials, he was promoted to maintain lights at a hotel owned by his boss in Pretoria, South Africa. In an interview Baba Tencen narrated how he started his career as a comedian,
I started off as a garden boy in South Africa and I recorded my first clip during lunch time. I then sent it to my cousin, with no aim of getting to be a popular person. He then sent it to other people and hence my rise to fame and people demanded more of my videos. During the time, things were also working out for me and I was promoted to work at a hotel that was owned by my boss as I had eight Ordinary Level passes.

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