Barbara Nyagomo is a Zimbabwean politician, nurse, and philanthropist based in the UK. She is the founder and President of the Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe (PDZ) political party. Nyagomo is the owner of Barbara Beskope Cosmetics. Before starting her own party Nyagomo was the Zapu Europe Vice-chairperson. She has said that she intends to contest for the president of Zimbabwe position at the 2018 elections.

President of Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
Barbra Nyagomo
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Nyagomo has been living in Britain since 1997. She has been a vocal activist against the arbitrary deportation of Zimbabweans based in Britain among them X Factor star Gamu Nhengu and is often invited by British radio stations to discuss various issues pertaining to the empowerment of African women.

Philanthropy Work

PDZ President Barbara Nyagomo feeds homeless Zimbabweans in South Africa