Ben Mahaka is an award-winning Zimbabwean actor, director and producer who rose to fame while playing the role of Tom Mbambo in the popular Zimbabwean soap opera Studio 263.

Ben Mahaka
Ben Mahaka
Ben Mahaka
  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Director
Years active1990s to present
Known forActing: Studio 263 and Yellow Card



Mahaka is married to Imelda Mudekuneye and the couple has two kids together.[1]

Acting career

Mahaka played the role of Tom Mbambo in Studio 263 which was the biggest television show in Zimbabwe since 2001. Previously, Mahaka had also featured in the movie Yellow Card, which was a hit during the late 1990s. In 2011, Mahaka worked with a musician Hope Masike and directed the video for song "Tioneiwo Shewe". In September 2014, Mahaka worked with a musician cum comedian Kapfupi in a tevision commercial.[2]



Mahaka has 5 National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) nominations for Directing and Acting. He also got a (NAMA) for Most Outstanding Music Video 2009.[3]

Mahaka is now working in the directing and producing scenes with different production houses in advertising, development communication, corporate and entertainment circles.[1] His latest productions include his work with Kapfupi on a television commercial as well as Hope Masike's video for a song titled Tioneiwo.

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