Calvin Gudu
Calvin Gudu
Image Via Nehanda Radio
Born Calvin Khayane Gudu
March 9, 1968
Nationality British
  • Musician
  • Songwriter
  • Producer
Known for Singing 'tombofara' the hit song
Spouse(s) Simangaliso Gudu
Relatives Chris Gudu

Calvin Gudu is a Zimbabwean born musician. He rose to prominence when he collaborated on the hit single "Tombofara" with Muzi Mangena.



Calvin Gudu was born on March 9, 1969.[1] He is married to Sima Gudu.[2]


For part of his education he attended Milton High School.[3]

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He started singing when he was six years old, by the time he got to high school his interest in music had also grown. Muzi broke into the limelight with the hit single "Tombofara" that made him and colleague Muzi celebrities.[2] After his breakaway hit with Muzi, Calvin did not do much music wise, instead, he got involved with a film company called SaFrankie Films. He also owns a record label called PraiseWorth Records where he recorded some of his music. Apart from his music ventures, Calvin also runs Midrand Healthcare Limited.



Igugu Lami

Above All

The Album



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