Cara Black is one of the most outstanding female tennis players to emerge out of Zimbabwe and has won countless titles in her career.

Cara Black
Cara Black
Born Cara Black
February 17, 1979
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Tennis Player.
Spouse(s) Bret Stevens
Children Lachlan
Parent(s) Donald Black (Father), Velia Black (Mother)
Relatives Wayne Black and Byron Black



Cara Black was born on February 17, 1979 in Zimbabwe. She is the sister to two of Zimbabwe's most celebrated tennis players, Wayne Black, Byron Black. She got married to Bret Stevens in 2006 and the couple has a son called Lachlan.[1]

Tennis career

Cara is said to have turned professional in 1998.[2] She has won a lot of titles in hr career both as a single player and as doubles with various partners. Although she was in retirement, she was said to be contemplating making a return to professional tennis after having quit in 2011. She made a return to the game where she managed to clinch another title together with her Indian partner, Sania Mirza.[3]

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