Cashlibs Studios is a Zimbabwean based music production house that produces Zimdancehall, Urban Grooves, Hip-Hop and R and B genres.[1]

Cashlibs Studios
Cashlibs Studios, Zimdancehall
Origin Harare, Zimbabwe
Genre Zimdancehall, Urban Grooves, R n B
Headquarters Harare
  • Best Collabo Riddim ( Cashlance ) Vigilance and Cashlibs
  • Best Riddim Medley (High Praises )
  • Best Riddim 2014 ( High Praises ).



It was founded on the 11th of November 2011.[1] It was founded and is led by Cleopas Dandara also known as Cashlibs.[2]

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Music Productions

Cashlibs has produced music for various Zimdancehall Artists such as Killer T. In 2014, Cashlibs produced the High Praises riddim which featured dozens of local artists. The riddim resulted in the recognition of Cashlibs as a force to reckon in the local music arena.


Award Nominations

2014 Zimdancehall Award Nominations


High Praises Riddim Medley Official Video (June 2014)
Baseline Riddim Video Medley


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