Bhekumuzi Mguni is a Zimbabwean electronic music producer known by his stage name Centrik Afrye[2] .

Centrik Afrye
Background information
Birth name Bhekumuzi Mguni
Born 11 September 1994
Origin Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Genres Dance, House,
Occupation(s) Music producer , Remixer
Years active 2011–present
Labels Independent (current)
Associated acts Djembe Monks, Tehn Diamond
Website [1]


Early Life

Centrik Afrye grew up in the dusty streets of one of Bulawayo's oldest townships Entumbane .He attended St Pius Primary School, a Roman Catholic church pre-school and later went on to do his primary education in various schools including Nyamande Primary School[3][4].He started out as a writer[5] during his days at Tsholotsho High School where he did his General Certificate of Secondary Education Advanced Level.

Music has a power like no other, dance is the praise song to that power"

Musical Career

Beginnings from 2011

Its unclear what prompted him to do electronic music but some journalists have written stating that the rise and popularity of dance music in Africa, pioneered by the likes Black Coffee,Euphonik and [[Locnville ,may have inspired Afrye to pursue the genre. He was a member of the widely successful school choir; Tsholotsho High School [6][7], from 2011 to 2012. The summer of 2011 saw Centrik Afrye starting to experiment with the music-making software, FL Studio, leading to the release of his first single Centrik Extortion [8] but the single failed to get any radio airplay.

Musical Influences

Black Coffee and Tehn Diamond have been cited as some of his musical influences. He once said in an interview that dance music would be much fun if all the elements are mashed up to create a beautiful electronic sound.

Other Projects

Besides producing music, Afrye has worked extensively in the perfoming arts and has worked with local dance groups like Supergeeks Halotane[9]

Personal Life

He is currently based in Harare, Zimbabwe.


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