Chamu Chiwanza is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and President of the empowerment lobby group, Affirmative Action Group.

Chamu Chiwanza
, Zimbabwean Businesspeople
Born Zimbabwe
Nationality Zimbabwean
  • Entrepreneur
Organization Affirmative Action Group
Known for Being President of AAG



Chiwanza went to Kutama College before going to Qatar to study for a Bachelor of Science in Business Leadership.[1] He is a Class 1 Aircraft Engineer and was appointed as Fellow of Professional Managers Institute (UK) Southern Africa (2011).[2]

Business Background

It was reported in an interview that Chiwanza started working at a mechanics business when he finished his upper six. He also reportedly mentioned that his first business was Primetime Motors .
What happened is, I overheard this chat with the guy one day when I went to the bank to open an account. So I kindly asked for his business card because I felt like God was unveiling an opportunity for me. And the next morning I phoned him to say, you know what I got cars that you were talking about and if you don’t mind I can give you a quotation. And he says, no I don’t mind. So I started going around in Harare and I managed to find somebody with the cars and he gave me a quotation. I took it to that guy, I emailed it and he phones me the next day. And then I realized, wow this is business. I can start selling cars to corporates.
Chiwanza, later on, sold the business

Positions Held

Chiwanza runs a Micro-finance and Micro-lending business, Cernic Financial Group where he is the Managing Director.[1] He sits on the board of National Eye Security.[2] In 2012 he was appointed the Senior Vice President and the Chairman of the Youth Council of Affirmative Action Group by Philip Chiyangwa.[3]

He is also the patron of The Shift which is a monthly platform where people meet to share and discuss business opportunities.[4]

Remarks At Patson Dzamara's Book Launch

At Patson Dzamara's book launch Chiwanza is alleged to have boasted that only Zanu-PF party activists get rich in Zimbabwe. In an interview with a local publication NewsDay, Chiwanza confirmed the remarks,
You won’t make money if you are not in Zanu PF. I believe the policies of Zanu PF preach economic empowerment and emancipation of our people from the doldrums of poverty. Since 1980, President Mugabe has been preaching about empowerment. I told the majority of people I was with at school like Chamisa that if you don’t join Zanu PF, you won’t make money.


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