Chipo Dendere

DR.Chipo Dendere is a Zimbabwean born scholar of Political Science. She is also a visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science and Consortium for Faculty Diversity Scholar at Amherst University in the United States of America. In 2018 she appeared before the US Senate and urged them to lift Sanctions on State-Owned Companies and insisted that individual or targeted Sanctions should not be lifted.[1]



She was born and raised in Zimbabwe. DR, Dendere was educated at Waddilove Mission from primary through high school before emigrating to the United States to begin her college career at Linfield College in Oregon. At Linfield she studied Political Science, Communication and Psychology. She also served as Student Government President from 2007-2008. After college, she worked briefly in Washington DC for Senator Wyden, OR and Oxfam. At Oxfam she worked on food security research. she did her graduate studies at Georgia State University where she worked with Dr. Daniel Young, Carrie Manning, Ryan Carlin and Elisabet Rustrom.


Research interests

DR Dendere's research interests are very dynamic. At the core of her work is the goal to understand the ways in which countries democratize and factors sustain or threaten democracy. Her primary work and book manuscript is on the impact of voter exit (emigration) on the survival of authoritarian regimes. For this work she conducted three hundred immigrant interviews in four countries United States, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

She also studied the impact of remittances-the money individuals send to family members in the home country- on political institution. She found out that remittances can sustain authoritarian regimes, however, in more progressive systems remittances can lead to sustainable economic and democratic growth. She is also working on two new projects with Amherst Students. With Wilson Sithole, she is investigating the role of religion in African Politics. With Dario Daddy she is investigating when government's ban the internet.

Teaching interests

She teaches various classes on Comparative Politics with a focus on African politics. In the class, she uses many teaching techniques aimed at encouraging citizen paticipation and enaggement with global politics. She encourage students to stay up to date on current global events and draw from the news in class discussion. She particularly enjoys working with students in their research and including them in her projects. DR Denhere strives to teach students the knowledge making process from crafting research questions, data collection and analysis.

Appearance before the United States Senate House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Africa

Dr Chipo Dendere, urged the United States to lift sanctions on Zimbabwean state-owned companies as this was hurting the poor and vulnerable. However, Dr Dendere called for the sanctions on individuals to remain as most of the individuals had committed horrible crimes against humanity which need to be investigated. She also urged the United States to provide more clarity on the United States’ Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA) as it was causing confusion both inside and outside Zimbabwe. [1]

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