Chloe Traicos is a Zimbabwean born actress based in the United States of America. Before she moved to the United States, Chloe lived in Australia where she made the award-winning Indie film " I Wish I Were Stephanie V" which opened the New York City International Film Festival in 2011, with a special screening outside in Times Square.

Chloe Traicos
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Background information
Birth name Chloe Traicos
Occupation(s) Actress



Her father is international cricket star, John Traicos and her mother, Annette Kileff is an artist. Chloe lived in Zimbabwe until 2005 when she was forced to flee the country after having made a controversial documentary about Robert Mugabe. Despite the fact she had to leave the country, Chloe's documentary " A Stranger in my Homeland" went on to win awards throughout the world. [1]


Traicos made the film "I Wish I Were Stephanie V" which won the Indiefest in 2011 and opened the New York Film Festival. Her second movie opened the Shanghai International Film Festival of 2011 and screened in theatres across the US. In 2016 movie “Unforgivable Sin” has screened in festivals across the globe.




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