Christopher Mlalazi is a Zimbabwean author and playwright whose books include Many Rivers (2009) and Running With Mother (2012), and the short story collection Dancing With Life: Tales From the Township (2008), which won an award at the National Arts Merit Awards. Mlalazi’s eight plays, including the 2008 Oxfam/Novib PEN Freedom of Expression Award winner “The Crocodile Of Zambezi,” have all been staged. His poems and stories are online and in print, including in the Caine Prize’s anthology The Obituary Tango (2006) and in The Literary Review.[1]

Christopher Mlalazi
Christopher Mlalazi holding his book, "Running with Mother"
Christopher Mlalazi Image credit Ole Spata
Residence Germany
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Author
  • Playwright
Notable work Running with Mother

His second novel, Running with Mother, has been translated into German and Italian.[2]



Christopher Mlalazi was born in 1970 and grew up in Bulawayo, s,till his place of residence when he's in Zimbabwe.


Books Authored

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Short Stories


Racism Incident in Germany

In September 2013 while Christopher Malalazi was Guest Writer of the City of Hanover Germany, he was reportedly denied entry a nightclub because of the color of his skin. The issue was reported to the city council which said it regretted the incident as it was in violation of the "General Equal Treatment Act"[3].


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