Cornway College is a private, day and boarding school in Mount Hampden, about 16.5 kilometres from the Harare Central Business District. The college was established in 2006 by Lovemore Kurotwi. It has a preparatory school (Cornway Junior College) and a high school (Cornway Senior College). The language of instruction is English.

Cornway College
No. 1 Haydon, Mount Hampden
Mashonaland West
Type Private, Selective, Day & Boarding School
Motto Let There Be Light
Established 2006
Founder Lovemore Kurotwi
School district Zvimba District
Nursery years taught 4-5 years
Early Child Development
Primary years taught 5-12 years
Grade One - Grade Seven
Secondary years taught 12-18/19 years
Form One - Upper Six
Gender Co-educational
Average class size 25 pupils
Language English
Houses Cheetah, Eland, Lion, Tiger
School colour(s)      Navy
Sports Junior College: 8
Senior College: 10
Affiliations National Association of Secondary School Heads
Clubs and Societies Junior College: 4
Senior College: 7
Examination boards Cambridge International Examinations
Higher Education Examinations Council
Zimbabwe School Examinations Council
Postal Address P.O Box CY 3314

In 2014 the college was ranked as one of the Top 10 High Schools in Zimbabwe.[1]


Subject Availability

The table below shows the subjects and their availability at either CIE or ZIMSEC

Subjects Offered
Computer Literacy Yes Not available
English Language Yes Yes
General Paper Not available Yes
Mathematics Yes Yes
Science Yes Not available
Shona Language Not available Yes

The table below shows the subjects and their availability at each level:

Subjects Offered [2]
Subject Secondary IGCSE/O Level AS/A Level
Accounting Yes Yes Yes
Agriculture Yes Yes Yes
Biology N/A Yes Yes
Business N/A Yes Yes
Chemistry N/A No Yes
Combined Science Yes Yes N/A
Commerce N/A No Yes
Computer Science N/A Yes Yes
Divinity N/A N/A Yes
Economics N/A No Yes
English - Language Yes Yes Yes
French - Language Yes No No
Geography Yes Yes Yes
History Yes Yes Yes
ICT Yes Yes, CIE only No
Literature in English Yes Yes, CIE only Yes, CIE only
Mathematics Yes Yes Yes
Physical Science N/A Yes Yes
Physics N/A No Yes
Religious Studies Yes Yes N/A
Shona - Language Yes Yes, ZIMSEC only No

NB N/A in this case means 'Not Available' as the subject is not offered at that level.

Contact Information


Postal Address: P.O Box CY 3314, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Physical Address: No. 1 Haydon Estate, Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe.


Mr. Masvikeni (Head): 0772 384 765
Mrs. Masunga (Deputy Head): 0772 728 929
Mrs. Chizanga (Head Secretary): 0772 269 428
Mr Chizanga (Bursar): 0772 936 558


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