Daniel Madzimbamuto was a Zimbabwean nationalist who fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe. He is most known for the famous case of Madzimbamuto v Lardner-Burke in 1967. The case is considered to have been first major test case on unconstitutional changes in government. Daniel Madzimbamuto's wife, Stella Madzimbamuto challenged the Ian Smith run administration for the continued detention of her husband at Gwelo Prison.

Daniel Madzimbamuto
Daniel Madzimbamuto, Daniel Nyamayaro Madzimbamuto, Zimbabwean nationalist
Daniel Madzimbamuto
Born Daniel Nyamayaro Madzimbamuto
  • Freedom Fighter


Daniel Nyamayaro Madzimbamuto was born on 10 August 1930 in Murehwa. He worked as a sales representative in South Africa and Rhodesia.[1]

Political Career

He was a delegate to the September 1975 inaugural congress of the Southern Rhodesia African National Congress (SRANC). He became chairman of the Highfields Branch 1957 to 1959.[1]

He was detained from 1959 to 1963. While in detention he and Edison Sithole played a leading part in the formation of the splinter Zimbabwe National Party (ZNP). At the time of the split, he supported Nkomo.

He was detained 1964-74. He is remembered mostly for having initiated the long drawn constitutional case (1966-8) by challenging the legality of his detention after UDI.

In September 1975 he became Deputy Secretary for external affairs of ANC (Nkomo) otherwise known as ZAPU (ZAPU).[1]

He was a delegate at the Geneva and Lancaster House conferences.


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