Delroy Tatenda Ashton is a Zimbabwean man who was killed and found dead in a desert in the United States of America

Delroy Tatenda Ashton
Delroy tatenda ashton.jpg
Born November 4, 1991
Died March 5, 2015 (aged 23)
Nationality Zimbabwe
Known for Having been murdered



He was born in Zimbabwe on November 4, 1991 before migrating to America. He did his education in Zimbabwe and only moved to America to be with his mother[1]

The Arrest

Delroy was arrested at the age of 22 for having been found in possession of a controlled substance.[2] He was reported to have been released on USD 20 000 bail.

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The Murder

The details of Delroy's death were unclear save for the fact that he was found dead in a desert. It is believed that he was killed somewhere before being dumped in a desert near Sand Valley. It was also said that there were no arrests that had been made in connection with the murder and that the police had not established the motive for the murder.[3]


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