Douglas Mombeshora is a Zimbabwean medical doctor who is a member of Zanu Pf. He is the current Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement. He is also the Member of Parliament for Mhangura constituency. Mombeshora is a Zanu-Pf central committee member in Mashonaland West.

Douglas Mombeshora
Douglas Mombeshora, Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement
Image Via: Southern Eye
Born Douglas Mombeshora
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Medicine
  • Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement
  • Member of Parliament for Mhangura
Employer Government of Zimbabwe
Organization Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Spouse(s) Millicent Mombeshora



Douglas Mombeshora is married to Millicent Mombeshora who works for the Zimbabwe Media Commission.[1]


Political career

During the GNU period, Mombeshora was the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare.[2] Following the collapse of the GNU, Mombeshora was elected as Member of Parliament for Mhangura and appointed Minister of Lands and Rural Settlement in September 2013 by Robert Mugabe.[3]

In 2014 he was elected in the ZANU PF central committee in Mashonaland West province together with Philip Chiyangwa.[4]

Mombeshora Sports Tournament

Douglas Mombeshora is also involved in sport as he started theMombeshora Sports Tournament in 2007. The tournament is held annually inMhangura and involves ball games namely soccer, netball and volleyball.[5]

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Kingdom Bank Debt

The High Court of Zimbabwe ordered the sale of Mombeshora's Borrowdale house in a bid to repay a debt owed to Kingdom Bank in December 2013. Although the amount of the debt could not be established, the house was valued at over $300 000 according to estimates.[1]

Suncrest Debt

In August 2015, Mombeshora was dragged to court by Crest Poultry Group which trades as Suncrest for failure to honour a grower agreement where he was supposed to rear chickens and supply them to the company.[6] Mombeshora was supplied with chicks’ food and chemicals for the birds and was supposed to grow the birds to an average weight of 1,8 kg at or in less than 42 days but he failed to supply the required amount of chickens to offset the supplied goods. Suncrest alleged that Mombeshora owed them $24 027 and that it was forced to take action after several concessions offered to the minister failed to secure a solution.[7] The matter was referred to trial by High Court judge Nicholas Mathonsi after the holding of a pre-trail conference.[7]

Worst Minister

According to a report released in August 2015 by the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) titled Occasional Visitors Re-Visited: Attendance in the First Session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, Mombeshora was named as one of ministers with the worst attendance record among ministers in the current Parliament.[8] The report stated that he had an attendance record of 27% and was tied with Home Affairs Minister, Ignatius Chombo.[8]

Land Dispute

It has been alleged that Douglas Mombeshora got involved in a land dispute with Manyame Rural District Councill and traditional leaders from Seke Communal lands.Sources revelead that the local authority drew some plans and submitted them to the Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing who are said to have approved the plan and recommended some changes.However Mombeshora is reported to have gone to the same land and started distributing the land which left the councilors with no option but to confront the minister.[9]

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