Edmund Edgar Masendeke was a convicted murderer. He is most known for being a fugitive along with his partner in crime Stephen Chidhumo. He was arrested in 1997 after having been on the run for 2 years, committing crimes such as rape, murder, robbery and others. He was sentenced to death and was eventually executed on 31 May 2002.

Edgar Masendeke
Edmund Edgar Masendeke.jpg
Died May 31, 2002
Chikurubi Maximum Prison
Cause of death Death Sentence - Hanging
Other names Edmund
Known for Futigive Criminal
Home town Gutu
  • Timothy Masendeke (father)
Relatives Brothers: Takawira, Edward, Edson, Enerst, and Andrew



Masendeke's home was in Kwekwe. He was described as having been a petty criminal as a young man. His father, Timothy Masendeke, who was an entrepreneur with grocery shops in Gutu and Kwekwe is said to have been abusive often beating up his children. He was also said to have been a womaniser and that he had more than 20 children with different women. As a young boy, Masendeke is said to have easily picked up fights.[1]

Arrest in 1995

In 1995, Masendeke murdered a woman in Masvingo and stole her car.[1]

Partnering Chidhumo & Being Fugitive

While he was at Mutimurefu Remand Prison in Masvingo, Masendeke met Stephen Chidhumo in 1995. Together, they planned and made an escape from prison in November 1995 along with Langton Moses Zano, Langton Charumbira, and Jameson Maverudze Musara. They overpowered and forced prison guards into the cells before walking away.

Masendeke and Chidhumo went on a series of armed robberies and murders in Masvingo, Midlands and Manicaland Provinces. They were involved in several encounters with the police but managed to evade arrest. The duo would also go to Mozambique during that time.[2]

At one point Masendeke accused his uncle in Gutu of selling him out to the police and severely assaulted and shot at his finger. Months later, Masendeke robbed him stole a television set, wall clock and solar panels. He then kidnapped and later released the uncle’s worker.

In 1997, Chidhumo was re-arrested in Mozambique. Masendeke was not arrested. In August 1997, Chidhumo, however, managed to escape from Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he had been jailed and rejoined Masendeke in Mozambique.

Re-arrest in 1997

Following a series of operations by the ZRP one of them particualrly called "Operation Masendeke", he was arrested on his way to Chimoio near Susunhenga in Mozambique. Chidhumo was arrested two weeks later. At age 23 then, Masendeke pleaded guilty to 38 charges ranging from rape to murder and was sentenced to death.



Masendeke was executed at Chikurubi Maximum Prison on 31 May 2002.

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