Emily Munemo was a Zimbabwean businesswoman who was stabbed and killed in her house in Hillingdon, London on Friday 30 January 2015. Munemo was director of a company named Muney Ltd, a company she set up in October 2012. She ran the company from her house, which she acquired in 2008.[1]

Emily Mazikana (nee Munemo)
Emily Munemo.jpg
Emily Mazikana (nee Munemo)
Born December 18, 1972
Died January 30, 2015 (aged 42)
West London
Cause of death Stabbed
Body discovered 30 Janaury 2015
Residence West London
Nationality Zimbabwean
Citizenship British
Education Brookes University, Rio Tinto High School, Zimbabwe
Occupation Businesswoman
Employer Muney Limited
Spouse(s) Gibson Mazikana



Emily Munemo was born on 18 December 1972 in Zimbabwe where she would do her schooling before moving to the United Kingdom. She was a mother of two and was married.[1] From an online search here she shared the same house with a Gibson Mazikana believed to have been her husband.[2]


Munemo is said to have been a nurse/healthcare worker and her company, Muney Ltd, focused on general medical practice activities.[3]


She attended Rio Tinto High School in Zhombe in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe.[4] Munemo was a graduate from the prestigious Oxford Brookes University and she and her family had recently moved to a new house.[5]


On the night of Friday, 30 January 2015 a report was made that a woman had been injured at a house in Collingwood Road in Hillingdon, West London. Paramedics attended and found Emily Munemo with stab injuries. She would die a short time later.[6]

A man identified as Gibson Mazikana was arrested by the police in the United Kingdom in connection with the death of Munemo. The man is a Zimbabwean national. Madzikana was previously arrested for assaulting a police officer but failed to appear in court.[7]

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