George Guvamatanga
George Guvamatanga is a senior Banker in Zimbabwe and is the former Managing Director of Barclays Zimbabwe. He was the president of the Bankers association of Zimbabwe and has experience in banking.



Guvamatanga was born and raised in Kambuzuma where he did both his Primary and Secondary education. For his secondary education he attended Kambuzuma 1 High School.[1]


It was in January 2008 that Guvamatanga was appointed as the Managing Director and Executive Director of Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Ltd. Guvamatanga was also elected as the president of the Bankers association of Zimbabwe.[2] Up to 2014, Guvamatanga was said to have had seventeen years of experience in the banking sector.

Social Responsibility

George Guvamatanga donated six lap tops with Internet access, text books and a generator to his former school Kambuzuma 1 High with the aim of helping students get exposure and access to computers and the internet. In his speech during the handover ceremony Guvamatanga reiterated that
At Barclays, we believe in making a difference in the communities we serve, and today I am pleased to be able to make a donation towards the school that played a big part in making me who I am today. My journey has not been easy and I continue to be amazed by how many times I fall back on some of the most important life lessons I learnt from this school [1]
Together with other staffers from Barclays, Guvamatanga also helps young children in the communities they serve by offering coaching clinics for sports like soccer. As a part of Barclays citizenship agenda, employees donate their time and skills to the development of youth and young adults across the country in areas where the bank operates. The Barclays Managing Director also highlighted that
the vital skills that children get at school will help disadvantaged young people overcome the social and financial challenges they face, better provide for themselves and their families and ultimately, support longer term growth in the economy [1]


Guvamatanga was also said to have been among the top ten of the richest persons in Zimbabwe which include prominent individuals like Philip Chiyangwa, Strive Masiyiwa and Billy Rautenbach. The exact ammount of his net worth was however not disclosed.[3]


In November 2017 Guvamatanga resigned as Barclays Bank’s managing director after 28 years of service to the financial institution. It was reported that Guvamatanga had retired from the bank with effect from November 2017 following the successful acquisition of Barclays Bank PLC by FMB Capital Holdings. Samuel Matsekete, the then chief finance officer, was appointed acting managing director Guvamatanga Resigns

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