Give Swalu Nare was a revolutionary musician and songwriter. He was one of the founders of the Light Machine Gun (LMG) Choir which was set up by the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo to sing revolutionary songs.[1]He produced songs in many languages including Sotho, Venda, Ndebele and Shona. and LMG Choir, later on, became the Zipra official choir. [2]

Give Nare
Born Give Swalu Nare
Died April 2016
Gwanda Provincial Hospital
Cause of death Stroke and Suspected heart attack
Residence Zimbabwe
  • Musician
Years active 1970s -2017
Known for Revolutionary Music, LMG Choir

Post Independence

After Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980, LMG Choir was ignored by the government and not invited to perform at state functions.[1] As a result, Nare gained little recognition for his music and he got so little from it. [2]


Nare died at Gwanda Provincial Hospital in April 2016 from a suspected heart attack. [2] Gwanda South legislator Ekem Moyo said:

His songs turned out to be the driving force of the struggle, which attracted the love of Father Zimbabwe, the then Zapu leader and commander-in-chief of the gallant Zipra forces. It’s totally unbelievable actually to people who were mentored in music by him. It’s sad today that after so much sacrifice, he got so little [2]

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