Gokwe South

Gokwe South district is the southern of two administrative districts in the Gokwe region of the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. Its administrative seat is Gokwe Centre.


Gokwe South has its borders with Zhombe District and Sanyati, Chief Njelele is the paramount chief .Gokwe South has the most revered of the sacred places in Gokwe. There is the Mafungautsi plateau known as the smoking mountain which lies across Gokwe South. It is believed that the mountain range usually burns and produces smoke when the rainy season is about to start but yet on close inspection, there is never a sign of any fire to have been started. There is also the Gwehava dam, which many believe has mermaids inhabiting in its waters. Reports have been raised about mysterious occurrences at the dam in recent years. Some fishermen have made reports that they have heard voices chasing them away if they are to catch bulk fish for resale. Gokwe South district also has the ever green place Bomba, which is a market gardening market where farm produce is grown and sold throughout the year to travellers who pass through the Kwekwe-Gokwe Highway.

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