Grant Flower is a former Zimbabwean cricket player.

Grant Flower
Grant Flower
Born Grant William Flower
December 20, 1970
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education St George's College
  • Cricketer.
Relatives Andy Flower, (Brother)



Grant was born in Harare on 20 December 1970. He is also brother to one of the most decorated cricketers in Zimbabwe, Andy Flower.


Flower is touted as one of the most experienced top order batsman to have played for the chevrons. Besides being a renowned batsman, Grant was also an occasional bowler.[1] He scored an impressive 82 runs in his debut match against India which was also followed up by an unbeaten double hundred in Zimbabwe's first ever test match victoryHe retired from international cricket in 2004 after which he joined Essex where brother Andy was also playing. He made a comeback and featured for the Zim team against South Africa and also played domestic franchise cricket turning out for Mashonaland Eagles, captaining them to a T20 title in 2010-11.

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