Grievance Sipikita is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur who gained media publicity after he delivered a petition at Robert Mugabe's offices in Harare.

Grievance Sipikita
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Delivering Petition to Mugabe

In a letter delivered to Mugabe's Munhumutapa offices in Harare, Sipikita urged him to deal with corrupt cabinet ministers. In his letter, Sipikita said he was concerned that senior government officials are being implicated in corruption and the President has not taken action raising doubts over his capabilities to stir the nation forward.

Part of the letter reads:

“I write this letter to you Mr President to express my democratic rights as enshrined in the constitution…which you signed into effect to air my displeasure and my disgust over certain issues that you as the head of state have failed to deal with leaving Zimbabweans questioning your capability to take the nation forward.

“I am not fighting you, but a system in which you operate, a system that has left 90 percent of country’s population unemployed, half of the population scavenging abroad and a country without a national currency, 37 years after independence.

“Mr President, corruption is now normal in this country, even your RBZ Governor would agree with me that it is now a cancer which needs a strong leader to weed out, corruption is rampant in parastatals and government ministers office….Corruption is the cancerous disease Sir that led to the closure of ZISCO Steel, Kamativ Tin Mine and led to the suffering of Willowvale Motor Industry, GMB and the closure of diamond mining firms, which in turn exacerbated the current cash crisis.

“Instead of taking a hard stance on perpetrators of corruption, you publicly defend them. With all due respect Mr President, this is a complete disregard of the rule of law. In addition Sir, those implicated in corrupt activities are walking free and those with the constitutional authority to investigate corrupt officials are threatened and perceived to be enemies of the state, most of the vibrant companies that were regarded as the backbone of Zimbabwe were destroyed because of pillage, nepotism and corruption under your nose."

Sipikita also urged President Mugabe to down-size his cabinet and also cut on his numerous foreign trips.


In early June 2017, he was arrested and charged with criminal nuisance, for which he paid a $10 fine, the same offence he was accused of on Thursday 13 July 2017. He was released on $30 bail.[1]

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