Gugugulethu Berita Khumalo is a Zimbabwean born musician based in South Africa.

Gugulethu Khumalo
Gugulethu Khumalo
Born Gugulethu Khumalo
June 27, 1991
Residence South Africa
Nationality Zimbabwe
Alma mater Walter Sisulu University
  • Musician.



She was born in Bulawayo on June 27, 1991. Gugugulethu is the first born in a family of five. She spent a part of her childhood in Bulawayo and Zhombe where her parents were teachers at Rio Tinto[1]


It is said that she did not have an interest in music apart from singing at the church choir in Zhombe where she was staying with her family at that time. When she turned 18 ,she started penning some songs and also bought a guitar.[2] Initially, her parents were against the idea of her venturing into music which saw them sending her back to Zimbabwe so that she could focus more on her studies.[1] Despite protestations from her parents, she brought her guitar to Zimbabwe. Gugu released her debut album Conquering Spirit for which she won an award.


  1. Conquering Spirit (album)
  2. Thandolwethu (single)
  3. Sukundixhesha (single)
  4. Tell me you love me (single)
  5. Notyatyambo (single)



Berita- NONTYATYAMBO LIVE in Malawi.
Berita - "Thandolwethu" (taken from the critically acclaimed album "Conquering Spirit).
Sukundixhesha by BERITA
Afrosoul Tell Me You Love Me
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