Hamish Hamilton is a Zimbabwean born businessman who is now based Tanzania. He is the founder and chairman of Nabaki Africa.[1]

Hamish Hamilton
Hamish Hamilton.jpg
Hamish Hamilton
Born Zimbabwe
Residence Tanzania
Nationality Zimbabwean
Other names Africa
Occupation Businessman
Years active 1993 to present
Organization Nabaki
Spouse(s) Tania Hamilton



Hamilton studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa where he attained a Bachelor of Law degree.


Hamilton was born in Zimbabwe and spent some years in the country before migrating to Tanzania in 1993.

Business career

Hamilton is a closet artist, a former soldier and currently he is the Chairman of the Nabaki Afrika; a tried, tested and trusted company in Tanzania that he founded with his wife Tania Hamilton 20 years ago.[1]

About Nabaki Africa

Nabaki Afrika has evolved from a husband and wife team to a market leader in the retail and wholesale supply of quality building products.[2] Nabaki Afrika is now a family of over 100 support staff, has over 5 000 loyal customers, hundreds of distributors and over 30 000 database contacts to tap.[2]

Nabaki Afrika’s annual turnover began with less than $100,000 and has increased to a current turnover of over $14,000,000 per annum. Nabaki opened its first wholly-owned national outlet in September 2013, in Arusha, making this the fourth Nabaki Branch in Tanzania.[2]

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