Harare Power Station is a coal-fired thermal power station owned and operated by the Zimbabwe Power Company. This Power station is located in the Workington area of Harare along Coventry road.


Station 1 commissioned in 1942 had a capacity of 21MW but was decommissioned in 1970. Station 2 had an initial capacity of 75MW when it was commissioned in 1955, but it was de-rated to 20MW due to uneconomical units. This station consists of nine chain-grate boilers and six turbo-alternators. Five boilers and three turbo-alternators have since been decommissioned.

With a capacity of 60MW, Station 3 consists of pulverized fuel-fired boilers. The station also has two large turbo-alternator machines producing 30MW each. Currently one of the turbo alternators is not in service as it is awaiting turbovisory equipment for it to return to service.

Stations 2 and 3 operate independently but they are linked electrically through four interconnector transformers. Presently, the dependable capacity for Station 2 is 20MW while Station 3 has a dependable capacity of 30MW.