Heal Zimbabwe is Zimbabwean Non Governmental Organisation ,which lobbies for the recognition of victims of political violence.



To re-build national cohesion through promotion of tolerance and peaceful coexistence in local communities.

Heal Zimbabwe expects to achieve the following strategic outcomes.

Our Vision

A peaceful prosperous Zimbabwe which celebrates political, cultural and religious diversity and promotes peaceful co-existence in local communities. We will contribute to peaceful and tolerant local communities in Zimbabwe through advocacy and lobby and providing psycho-social support to ensure that:

There is increased understanding, awareness, education and research regarding the impact of political violence on the local communities in Zimbabwe.


Community Cohesion building

Heal Zimbabwe encourages peace clubs to be the forerunners of justice, peace-building and also to be truth tellers in their respective communities.

Governance and Accountability

HZT has used the following measures to effectively gather, disseminate information to its members and stakeholders; Documentaries Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

It is the mandate of Heal Zimbabwe Trust to facilitate activities mainstreaming peace-building in the communities and conflict mitigation strategies.

Welfare and Livelihoods

Heal Zimbabwe Trust promotes the social welfare of people in the communities and restoring the livelihoods of these people. In so doing the communities are aided with income generating projects and also training on these projects on small enterprises management.

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