Zimdancehall artist, Songwriter

Jay C
Jay C, Joel, Chitate
Jay C
Background information
Birth name Joel Chitate
Born September 26, 1989
Genres Zimdancehall
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
Labels Bigyaadz

Jay C is an established Zimdancehall musician of the "Actor Haafe" lyrical chant. He rose to fame through his hit songs such as "Actor Haafe" and "Bugatti".



Jay C was born Joel Chitate on 26 September 1989.[1]

Music career

Jay C began his music career with Boomslang Productions before he eventually moved to Bigyaadz in 2006. It was at Bigyaadz where his impact in the local began to make an impact.[2] Jay C has performed in different countries including the United Kingdom in 2014.


Speed- 2014


Jay C. Ekita - Zvavharana UK Tour 2013 [Part 1]
Ndinoita murder !

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