Jericho Advertising is a Zimbabwe advertising agency. The company was founded by Denford Magora. Jericho is affiliated to Jupiter Drawing room for which Magora is CEO of Southern Africa operations.

Jericho Advertising
Trading name
Jericho Advertising
Formerly called
Jericho Advertising
Industry Advertising
Founded End of 2009
Headquarters Harare, Zimbabwe
Key people
Denford Magora



Jericho has done campaigns for these brands:

Claims of financial difficult

In August 2016, ADMA included Jericho Advertising in a list of Blacklisted agencies. According to ADMA, these agencies had failed to "settle legacy debts of up to December 2015". Jericho claimed their inclusion on this list was a push by rival agencies to meant to tarnish the Jericho Advertising company's image because of its success.