Kenneth Raydon Sharpe popularly known as Ken Sharpe is a Zimbabwean businessman who is the Executive Chairman of West Properties Company. He also owns a number of businesses that include; Augur Investments and West Food Distribution.

Kenneth Sharpe
Kenneth Sharpe, Ken Sharpe
Born Kenneth Raydon Sharpe
January 27, 1973
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Businessman
Partner(s) Joanna Sharpe



Kenneth Raydon Sharpe was born on 27 January, 1973 in then Rhodesia now Zimbabwe. He relocated to South Africa in 1978 and returned in 1980 after Zimbabwe gained its independence. He married Joanna Sharpe in 1993 and together they have one daughter named Tatiana who was born three years into the marriage.[1]


In 1990 Ken Sharpe established a confectionery and food distribution business which has over the last 20 years ripened into the Holdings Company “West Group.” Some of the visions have been: West Food Distribution, West Beverages (bottling), West Agencies, Intercrop (Agri Inputs), West Sanitary Pads Manufacturing, West Oils (edible Oils), FellowGold Mining and West Properties and Augur Investments Ltd (Real Estate Development).[1]

Skiing Accident

In 2007 whilst on a private family vacation to Whistler, Canada, Sharpe was involved in a skiing accident on the 16th of January. After learning the slopes for 3 days, Kenneth decided to ski without a helmet or safety equipment and ended up crushing on a tree and falling unconscious.He was taken to the local Whistler hospital where, several hours later, he was convulsing and had severe internal bleeding. His brain was severed from the skull and it shutdown.

With no Catscan (CT) facilities, the doctors decided to transfer him from the local Whistler hospital to Lion’s Gate Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. The scan revealed that sixty percent of my brain cavity was filled with blood, and after seven hours of emergency surgery, he was kept in a coma state for five days. The Doctor’s gave him a three percent chance of survival with no promise of avoiding permanent brain damage. However Ken came through five days later on the 21st of January, his daughter's 11th birthday.

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Ken Sharpe acquited

[[In August 2015, Ken Sharpe was accused of threatening fellow businessman Douglas Walsh over the phone. According to Walsh, Sharpe said,
"If you don’t get this stopped, there will be blood on the streets and I have people in high places to fix you.”
Sharpe pleaded not guilty to threatening Walsh, but admitted to calling and asking him if they could meet and resolve their issues amicably.

Sharpe was acquitted by the Magistrate Court.[2]]]


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