Linda Muriro is a Zimbabwean journalist who works for Zimpapers. She is currently a current affairs producer/presenter on the group's radio station Star FM. Muriro covers current affairs issues typically interviewing leaders of public, private & ngo institutions in Zimbabwe. One of her most popular shows is called The Ministers' Desk, a program on which she has interviewed political ministers such as Mthuli Ncube. Muriro has been praised for her confident interviewing style ensuring she gets responses that have substance from her interviewees.

Linda Muriro
Linda Muriro.jpg
Born Linda Muriro
  • Current affairs producer/presenter
  • Journalist
Employer Star FM
Known for Host for hard hitting Interviews


She learnt at Hatfield High School.


Muriro joined Star FM in 2012 as a News reporter and presenter. In 2015 she became a Current Affairs Producer and Presenter.