Lloyd Chitembwe is one of the most talented midfielders to have played for CAPS United Football Club He was part of the all conquering squad assembled by Charles Mhlauri which clinched back to back titles during the 2004 and 2005 soccer seasons. He is the current coach at CAPS United Football Club.

Lloyd Chitembwe
Lloyd Chitembwe
Born June 21, 1971
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Football Coach.
Employer CAPS United Football Club



Lloyd was born in June 21, 1971.[1]


Chitembwe assumed legendary status at the Green machine where he was well known for his midfield brilliance and hard tackling.[2] He was part of the CAPS team that won the league title in 1996, a feat he went on to duplicate two consecutive times under one of the best coaches to come out of Zimbabwe, Charles Mhlauri.

Coaching career

After hanging his boots, Chitembwe ventured into coaching which also saw him becoming the head coach of CAPS United, amid mixed fortunes. He was also the head coach at division one side, Starbill Football Club. There were also reports that linked him to a coaching post at FC Platinum in 2012 but the move did not materialise.[3] It was at Starbill that he was almost sacked by the management after it was alleged that he did not show up for training. In September 2015 he was again appointed head coach of CAPS United.[4]

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In 2011, the former CAPS United captain was alleged to have wrecked a seventeen-year-old marriage after he had an affair with one Joyce Muchairi.[5] Despite the woman admitting to having an affair with Chitembwe, the former CAPS United playmaker insisted that he had not had an affair with Joyce.


Lloyd Chitembwe is the only player in the history of CAPS United to feature in all three league championship-winning teams in the post-Independence era[2]

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