Masvingo Teachers College is a technical college situated in Masvingo which trains primary school teachers. It is registered with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Zimbawe.

Masvingo Teachers College
Masvingo Teachers College Logo.jpg
Masvingo, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe, , P. O Box 760, Mutare Road, Masvingo
Type Teachers College
Educational authority Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education
Category Technical Tertiary Institutions
Medium of language English
Campus P. O Box 760, Mutare Road, Masvingo
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Establishment and Growth

The college enrolled it first 200 students in January 1981 who were enrolled in the Zimbabwe Integrated Teacher Education Course (ZINTEC).[1] It was established within the premises of Morgenster Teachers College, which is also in Masvingo. The college began to expand and hence there was the need for space to accommodate the college's clientele. In July 1981, the college was moved to Andrew Louw.[1] In December 1984, these students graduated.[1]

In 1987, the college was moved to the present site in which it is located. Due to the changes that were taking place in the Ministry of Education, ZINTEC was scrapped and the college was mandated to change its courses.In January 2002, a new model of the teachers education was introduced to step up the rate of teachers production.[1] The model was scrapped in September 2002. The college has also revamped its courses including contemporary issues and or subjects like Health and Life Skills as well as Early Childhood Development and Information and Communication Technology.[1]

Enrolment Requirements

The minimum entry requirements for the Diploma in Education are five Ordinary Levels subjects with C or better including Mathematics and English Language. The college's intakes are scheduled after every 8 months and adverts for intakes are usually flighted in the local newspapers when there is to be a new intake.[2]

When Is The Intake?

The College performs an intake after every "9 term" cycle (it takes 9 terms for one to finish the course) and there is usually an intake every year. Currently, the next intake will be in

How Do You Apply?


  1. Teaching Practice and Distance Education
  2. Theory of Education and Early Childhood Development
  3. Professional and Academic Studies[3]


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