Obert Chari is a Zimbabwean musician and leader of the band ZCC Hakireni Stars. He mostly known for his 2017 hit song Mebo. the band's other songs include Ngoma Yemugidhi and Gombo. He is a prominent member of the ZCC Mbungo Church.

Obert Chari
Obert Chari
Residence Chegutu
  • Musician
Known for Song Mebo
Spouse(s) Mebo Chari



Chari comes from Bikita. He attended school in school in Zvishavane.


Chari started singing in various choirs at ZCC Mbungo. In 2012 he eventually he worked on his own project and released an album called Ngoma Yababa. His early albums were not successful. Mainstream success came with the song Mebo after a video of the song released in 2018 went viral. He had released 2 albums before Mariyambutsa.[1]




Video of the song Mebo by Obert Chari

Ngoma Yemugidhi


An interview with Obert Chari


Chari said that the song Mebo is a true story that actually happened to him. He is now married to Mebo. The real Mebo however doesn't feature in the song. The Hakireni Stars band which consists of his three siblings, Estery, Darlington and Lamboth[1] The girl who plays the role of Mebo in the song's video is called Petronellah Kapeyapeya and she was a backing vocalist on the song. She also stays in Chegutu and she met Chari at church.

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