Paraffin was a popular Zimbabwean comedian who rose to prominence in the early 1990s with the drama series 'Paraffin' that made him a household name.

Paraffin, Phillip Gadzikwa Mushangwe
Born Phillip Gadzikwa Mushangwe
Died June 29, 1997
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Comedian
Spouse(s) Ebbah Mushangwe
Children Tawanda Tendai Rutendo Sharon and Tarisai



Born Phillip Gadzikwa Mushangwe, he was married to Ebbah Mushangwe. The couple were blessed with five children, Ebbah, Tendai, Rutendo, Sharon and Tarisai.[1]

Acting career

Before venturing into a distinguished acting career, Mushangwe worked for Cresta Lodge as an accounts clerk and also for Greatermans department store as a salesman.[1] Paraffin was a talented actor who gained notoriety with his jaw-breaking humour. In the 'Paraffin' series, he acted as an illiterate individual and inconsiderate individual with no other purpose in life but to feed his stomach.[2] Also known as 'Baba vaSorobhi', Paraffin's combination with Rhoda Mtembi (mai sorobhi) was so perfect that many people thought that the two were married in real life.[3] Paraffin died at the peak of his career on the 29th of June 1997. So talented was Paraffin that on many occasions he would go off script but still would not change the essence of the message being put across by the producers of the local comedy drama. In the drama, Paraffin played the role of an individual who would do or say just about anything with no regard for the potential damage or consequences of his actions.[1]

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Phillip Gadzikwa Mushangwe died on the 29th of June 1997 after a short illness. He remains one of the most celebrated icons of Zimbabwe's film industry whose brilliance is only rivaled by a few individuals such as Mukadota and Mutirowafanza.


Paraffin on one of his moments

Paraffin in action

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