Rufaro Chiworesois a Zimbabwean, who is wife to popular local musician Jah Prayzah

Rufaro Chiworeso
Rufaro chiworeso.jpg
Spouse(s) Jah Prayzah


Dismissal of Henrietta Rushwaya Photos

In 2015, Rufaro reportedly shrugged off the emergence of the Jah Prayzah‘s bedroom pictures-taken in 2013 which suggested he was seeing Henrietta Rushwaya.

“The issue came up a long time ago and has been cleared up then.Back then it got to me a bit but I since understood what it was about, we have since moved on from it.Mukudzeyi and myself are very much OK.At this time I am more worried about how he is taking it all of this with the way people have put it across.Otherwise, we are happy"[1]


Rufaro and her husband share the passion for reading.[2]



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