Tawanda Muparati is a talented Zimbabwean footballer, former Soccer Star of the year and Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League winner. He currently plays for How Mine Football Club as a midfielder.

Tawanda Muparati
Tawanda Muparati, How Mine Football Club, Dynamos Football Club, Zimbabwe soccer, Zimbabwean footballer
Image Via Nehanda Radio
Born Tawanda Muparati
September 10, 1983
  • Footballer
Employer How Mine Football Club
Notable work Soccer Star of the year 2013, Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League Winners medal



was born on September 11, 1983.[1]

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Muparati's professional footballer kicked off at Dynamos Football Club where he proved to be a very talented midfielder. During his reign at Dembare, Tawanda probably had the best club career of his life where he clinched four consecutive league titles with the club. In those four years, he was also named the Soccer Star of the year in the year in 2013.[2] At the zenith of his career, Marazor as he is popularly known in football circles, he was the Dembare captain during the 2013 season and managed to captain the side to a third successive title under guidance of the most prolific coaches, Callisto Pasuwa. Following a successful stint with Dembare and the arrival of David Mandigora in replacement of Callisto Pasuwa, Muparati moved away from the glamour boys to join fellow premiership side How Mine Football Club.


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