Team Bulawayo is an outfit made up of two Zimbabweans who are based in Vienna, Austria and they come in the same mould as P.O. Box, Zvirikufaya na Keda and Team Mandebvu. They share their hilarious videos on their Facebook Page Team-Bulawayo.

Team Bulawayo
Team Bulawayo.jpg
Team Bulawayo
Type Theatre group
Purpose Music, Dance and Parody
  • Vienna, Austria
Futurelove Sibanda and Vusa Mhkaya


Who is Team Bulawayo

Team Bulawayo is made up of two Zimbabweans, Futurelove Sibanda and Vusa Mkhaya born and bred in Bulawayo.

Futurelove Sibanda

Futurelove Sibanda whose real name is Futurelove Madziwa,[1] was once a member of the multi-award winning group, IYASA (Inkululeko Yabutsha School of Arts) which was formed in 2000 at Mpompoma High School. Futurelove was one of the group's founding members at 16.[2] His stage name was Fufu.[1] Whilst at IYASA and when the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) were initiated, he won the outstanding male performer award.

Apart from being part of IYASA, Futurelove was also a stand-up comedian who was better known as Zi. Zi was a lady who believed that she was intelligent, Mrs Know it All.[1] He featured in Chase Khuza musical video for his song Banolila and from then onward, Zi became a household name.

Futurelove however left the group in 2009 for Vienna. He was enrolLed at a certain theatre and dance college to become a professional artist. He participated in the European Dance Competition (ESDU) and was crowned the best dancer and he later on went to Croatia where he competed with other dancers.[2]

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In December 2013, he came to Zimbabwe and stated that he was poised to pursue an Honours Degree in International Business.[2] Apart from being a dancer, musician, Futurelove is also a producer and some of his productions include Sands and Captain Future. Despite an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, Futurelove had been brandished by his ex-girlfriend as a heartless man, a gold digger and not a 'real father'.[3]

Vusa Mkhaya

Vusa Mkhaya was born on 19 October 1974. He is a musician, a songwriter and an owner of a music label, Label Makhaya in Bulawayo.[4] Vusa was and still claims to be a part of Insingizi Emnyama which is an Imbube trio based in Bulawayo which gained popularity for their song, Sugardaddy.

Vusa left Zimbabwe to study in Vienna. He successfully completed his Music Theory and Accordion at the Johans Fuchs Music Conservatorium.[4] Apart from being part of Team Bulawayo, Vusa has formed his band whilst in Austria which is composed of four people from different nations.[4]

Latest Team Bulawayo Videos


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