The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) is composed of the Zimbabwe National Army and the Air Force of Zimbabwe.The ZDF falls under the Ministry of Defence. The most senior commander of the ZDF is General Constantino Chiwenga

Zimbabwe Defense Forces
Officers from the ZNA
Founded 1994
Headquarters Harare, Army Headquarters
Commander in Chief Robert Mugabe
Minister of Defence Sydney Sekeramayi
Commander of ZNA Constantino Chiwenga


The ZDF was created In July 1994 combining the Air Force of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National Army.[1]

Army Commanders

When General Solomon Mujuru retired from the Army in 1992, General Vitalis Zvinavashe took over command. He was later appointed the first Commander of Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) on its establishment in 1994. General Constantine Chiwenga took over command of the ZNA. In 2004, General Vitalis Zvinavashe retired from the ZDF. He was succeeded by General Constantine Chiwenga. Lieutenant General Philip Valerio Sibanda took over command of the Army from 2004.[2]

Military Schools in Zimbabwe

  1. Zimbabwe School of Military Engineers (ZSME).
  2. School of Artillery.
  3. Armour Training School.
  4. School of Signals.
  5. School of Military Intelligence.
  6. Instructors Training School.
  7. Medical Training School.
  8. Ordinance and Transport Training School.
  9. School of Military Police.
  10. Information Technology Training School.
  11. School of Logistics.
  12. Pay Corps Training School.
  13. Army School of Sports.Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name
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