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The Air Force of Zimbabwe is the aviation wing of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. Its current commander is Air Marshal Elson Moyo who took over from Retired Air Chief Marshall Perrance Shiri who was appointed Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The Air Force has three major air bases in Zimbabwe; Manyame Air Base in Harare and Thornhill Air Base in Gweru and Field Air Force Base, in Chegutu, which is home to air defence and regimental training.| Air Force 2018 Recruitment Scan_Mar_27,_2018.pdf


Functions of the Commander Air Force of Zimbabwe (Comd AFZ)

The Commander of AFZ is a member of the Defence Policy Council. His/Her responsibilities include the following:

Commanders Of The Air Force of Zimbabwe


In 1939 it started all as an Air Unit, later becoming the South Rhodesian Air Force. In the Southern Rhodesian Air Force, serials SR1 - SR139 were used. In 1953 Rhodesia and Nyasaland formed a federation and in 1954 the Air Force was named Rhodesian Air Force, shortly after that to be renamed to Royal Rhodesian Air Force. This meant that serials all started with RRAF during that period. [1]

In 1980 the Air force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) was formed in 1980 after the integration of the three belligerent forces, The Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army ( ZANLA), and the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army, ( ZIPRA), on one side and the Rhodesian Air Force on the other.[2]

Command Hierarchy

Rank structure

The AFZ's rank structure is similar to the RAF's rank structure from where, via the Rhodesian Air Force, its ranks were derived.


In descending order, the AFZ officer ranks are:


In descending order, the AFZ airman ranks are:


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