Angeline Vere is the Chief Executive Officer of Telecel Zimbabwe, a post to which she was appointed to in mid-June 2015 while she had been "acting" since March 2013 when Francis Mawindi departed from the organisation. She has been part of Telecel since 2004.

Angeline Vere
Angeline Vere, Telecel CEO
Born Angeline Mahubo
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Goromonzi High School, Roosevelt Higjh School, University of Zimbabwe
Alma mater University of Zimbabwe, University of South Africa
Years active 2004 to present
Employer Telecel Zimbabwe
Predecessor Francis Mawindi



Angeline was raised by parents who were both teachers. She is married to a tobacco entrepreneur and the couple has three children.[1]

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Educational Background

She did her secondary education at Goromonzi High School. She is a lawyer by profession, a qualification she obtained from the University of Zimbabwe. She also holds a Masters of Laws from the University of South Africa and an ACCA Diploma in Finance and Accounting.[2]

Work History

Her first job after school was at the Attorney General's office where she worked as a prosecutor. She later joined the civil department in 1995 within the same organisation before moving on to join Fidelity Life Insurance Company. Angeline Vere also worked for the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe and Post and Telecommunications Corporation now commonly known as Telone Zimbabwe. She later joined Telecel Zimbabwe in 2004 as a legal manager before her promotion to the post of company secretary and legal director in 2010. In 2015, she was appointed the company CEO of Telecel.


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