Ashley "Compressor" Rambanapasi is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays for CAPS United Football Club.

Ashley Rambanapasi
Ashley Rambanapasi, CAPS United Football Club, Football
Image Via: Sunday Mail
Born Ashley Shingirayi Rambanapasi
June 27, 1981
  • Footballer
  • Commentator
Employer CAPS United Football Club
Notable work Captained CAPS United Football Club, Soccer Star of the Year finalist (2010)
Spouse(s) Martina Masamba
Children Tanaka Rambanapasi



Ashley Shingirayi Rambanapasi was born on 27 June 1981.[1] He is married to Martina Masamba and together they have a son, Tanaka.[2]


Rambanapasi started his career at Rufaro Rovers in the mid-1990s before joining the CAPS United Football Club junior teams in 1997.[3] He first played for CAPS United's senior team in 1999 and was part of the squad that won the premier league in 2004. Rambanapasi joined Dynamos Football Club in 2010.[4] He rejoined CAPS United Football Club in 2011, where he suffered a career threatening injury that sidelined him for two years. In 2012, Rambanapasi played for Gunners Football Club.[5] He later resurfaced in 2014 where he played three games for Northern Division outfit Starbill Football Club,[6] before briefly quitting football for television commentary.[5] He again joined CAPS United at the start of the 2015 season.[5]

National Team Career

The player won several caps for the Warriors.[3] He was part of the squad that played Brazil at the National Sports Stadium.

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Teams Played For

Knee Injury And Miracle Healing

Rambanapasi suffered a crack on the meniscus, which is the part that acts as a shock absorber for the knee and had to undergo a surgery in September 2011.[3] The operation made one of his legs slightly longer than the other and he walked with a limp. He claims that the recurring knee and back issues were healed through UFIC founding father, Emmanuel Makandiwa.[5]


United Kingdom Trip Disappearance

Rambanapasi was part of the CAPS United Football Club that who vanished in the United Kingdom in 2005 after they went there for a tour with Highlanders.[7]

Disappearance from Dynamos

Whilst he was playing for Dynamos, it was reported in November 2010 that Rambanapasi had quietly sneaked out of the country for Cyprus where he went on a two-week trial with an undisclosed club .[7] This led to him being rejected by Dynamos in the 2011 season as they labelled him a rebel and they accused Ashley of leading a player revolt over salaries last in 2010 and they thought that his inclusion in the team would have a bad influence on the young players who had joined Dynamos at the start of the 2011 season.[4]

Soccer Star of the Year Disqualification

He was a Soccer Star of the Year finalist in 2010.[3] He was however disqualified for torching the riots that rocked the BancABC Supr8 semi-final between Highlanders Football Club and Dynamos.[8]


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