The Public Service Commission (PSC) is an arm of the Executive, created in terms of Section 202 of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Section 203 provides for the functions of the Commission including the appointment of qualified and competent persons to hold posts in the Public Service, fix and regulate conditions of service, exercise disciplinary powers, investigate and remedy grievances of members of the Public Service. The Commission is also mandated to implement measures to ensure effective and efficient performance within, and the general well-being of the Public Service and to ensure that members of the Public Service carry out their duties efficiently and impartially. Over the years, the citizens of Zimbabwe have continuously demanded an efficient Public Service delivery system through the enactment and implementation of policies and efficient management operations that allow scarce resources to be used in a results-oriented fashion. This is the same responsibility that Zim Asset puts on the Commission. The Commission is cognizant of the fact that the key drivers of improved service delivery are the Civil servants. In order for Civil Servants to rise up to the demands of Zim Asset they need to have the right skills, knowledge, values, and attitude. The Public Service Commission is committed to being an open and accountable organization through the creation of a lean structure that is robust at delivering service in an expected way. In this way, the Public Service Commission (PSC), is continuously repositioning itself to deliver its mandate more effectively and efficiently following the adoption of the new Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20) Act 2013, the reaffirmation of the Commission’s role in the same constitution and the launch of Zim Asset (2013.



To be a leader in the organization and administration of public services and to maintain them in a high state of efficiency


A World Class Employer of First Choice.



The CSC executes its mandate through a number of agencies:

  1. Personnel;
  2. Corporate Strategy and Salaries Administration Agency;
  3. Conditions of Service Agency;
  4. Human Resources Agency;
  5. Salary Services Bureau;
  6. Performance Audit and Inspectorate Agency;
  7. Discipline Agency;
  8. Uniformed Forces Service Commissions Agency;
  9. Pensions Agency;
  10. Corporate Services/Corporate Affairs Agency;
  11. Legal Services Agency;
  12. Human Resources Management Information Systems Agency;
  13. Finance and Administration.


Detailed in Section 203 of the Constitution, the Civil Service Commission has the following functions;


We appoint qualified and competent persons to hold posts in the Civil Service;

Conditions Regulation

Subject to section 65(5), to fix and regulate conditions of service, including salaries, allowances and other benefits, of members of the Civil Service;


Performance Audit

Policy Enforcing

To ensure that members of the Civil Service carry out their duties efficiently and impartially;

Employee Administration

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