Cliff Sekete is a talented midfielder who used to play for Dynamos Football Club before he was dropped during the 2015 soccer season.

Cliff Sekete
Cliff Sekete
Image Via The Herald
Born Cliff Anotidaishe Sekete
September 7, 1992
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Budiriro 1 Primary School
  • Footballer.
Spouse(s) Melissa Master



Sekete was born on September 7, 1992. He did his primary education at Budiriro 1 Primary School[1]


Sekete started playing football at a very young age and is said to have been among some of the star players at Budiriro 1 Primary School. He started his professional career with former premier league outfit, Gunners Football Club. He enjoyed some successful spells with the club before he sealed a move to Dembare. The richest of his career has been arguably with the glamour boys where he managed to win several league titles as well as other domestic cups like the Bob @91 Cup.[2] Following several months of speculation, Sekete eventually joined Dynamos Football Club and played for the club for four seasons before he was released due to the arrival of new players such as Takesure Chinyama. As of July 2015, the player had not ye been signed by any premier league club. Sekete's stint at Dembare was also cut short due to missing game time as a result of an injury.[3] Some of Sekete's most memorable moments in Dembare include a winner which he scored against CA Birzetin of Algeria.[4]

Transfer Rumours

Sekete was said to have been spotted at the Dembare training ground a day after Mandigora had been dismissed. Speculation was rife on social media that he could make a return to Dembare.

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