Stewart Shutto Murisa is a former Dynamos Football Club, Highlanders Football Club and CAPS United Football Club player who enjoyed a lot of success with all the three clubs. The greatest point in his career was arguably in 1998 when he and his Dembare colleagues reached the final of the Africa Champions League.

Stewart Murisa
Stewart Murisa
Born Stewart Murisa
July 18, 1974
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Football Academy Coach.
Children Stewart Junior
Parent(s) Gladys Murisa



Stewart Murisa was born on 18 July 1974[1] His mother was Gladys Murisa a legend in local netball circles.[2]


Murisa's first played for Darryn Textiles Football Club better known as Darryn T where he played alongside the likes of Gift Muzadzi and long time friend, Alois Bunjira. Murisa was well known for his goal scoring prowess which at one point played an integral part of Makepekepe's crowning as league champions in 1996.[3] His dribbling skills were also said to have been a marvel to watch.[4] Murisa is the only player to have played for the country's three big teams, Bosso, Makepekepe and Dembare. He was part of the Dembare lineup that played in the final of the African Champions league against ASEC Mimosa of Ivory Coast. Shutto also played soccer in the South African premier league turning out for Bidvest Wits and Amazulu.

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Coming out of Retirement

After years of absence from the game, Murisa was rumoured to have been coming out of retirement in 2015.[5] He was reported to have signed one year contract with Division One side, Lake Harvest. Although he was said to have signed for the club as an assistant coach, it was also alleged that he would also double as a player.


Shutto is the only player to have played for all the three big teams in Zimbabwe's football history.

Teams Played For


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